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Background of Arnco-Sargent Elementary
Arnco-Sargent Elementary School is an institution with long standing history and tradition. Many of our students’ parents and grandparents attended our school during their educational career. We are proud of our heritage and of the progress and growth that we have had over the many years. In order for you to understand our current students better, we wanted to include some background information about our school, its previous students, and areas of study.

Sargent School was located on Old Carrollton Highway. Its original date of opening is unknown, but it is often thought to be around 1918. Until 1918, students only went to school five months of the year – January, February, March, July and August. The other months were used for planting and harvesting crops. Sargent School was originally a one-room schoolhouse with log benches. Students studied reading, writing, and arithmetic. In 1918, Sargent School and Farmers’ High School consolidated to form a new Sargent school. There were 113 male students and 127 female students in this new school. Students studied spelling, reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, history and health.

Arnco School was started in 1929 in a two-room house. This school contained 80 students in four grades and had two teachers. In 1930, the school was moved to a new building located next to the Arnco Baptist Church. The Arnco Baptist Church Fellowship Hall now stands where Arnco School used to be. Arnco was a mill town and as the town grew so did the school. The school soon had 175 students in five rooms and a basement. Reading, writing and arithmetic were the basic subjects. Music and Art were also taught. Classrooms were warmed by a potbellied stove that burned coal. There was no lunchroom, but there were indoor restrooms with running water. They had a basketball and a baseball team with the cloth for the uniforms furnished by the Arnco Mill.

In the mid-1950’s Arnco School consolidated with Sargent School forming Arnco-Sargent Elementary School. By 1984, Arnco-Sargent had eleven rooms and nine classes: one kindergarten, one third grade, two fourth and fifth grades, one sixth grade, and two seventh grades. There were 218 students, eleven teachers, one part-time speech instructor, one band director, one music director, one gifted teacher and a librarian. Arnco-Sargent Elementary has since gone through several renovations to accommodate the area’s growth. In January 1988, a new library was constructed. In 1994, eleven new classrooms were added. In 2001, three additional classrooms were built. In the summer of 2009, our school went through complete renovations.
About Us
Arnco-Sargent Elementary is a public, rural elementary school that serves approximately 440 students 180 days a year from 8:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. An after school program is operated daily until 6:00 p.m. Approximately 65 dedicated staff members interact with our students on a daily basis: 2 administrators, 1 counselor, 35 teachers, 9 teaching assistants, 1 permanent substitute, 2 secretaries, 1 nurse, 6 lunchroom workers and 4 custodians.

We have been able to stay connected with our community by means of a local television channel that highlights educational events, sharing classroom and school newsletters, e-mail, and by our web site. In addition, in the summer of 2001, Arnco-Sargent was the first elementary school in Coweta County to establish an Advisory School Council which allows two teachers, two parents, two community/business members, and the principal to serve as an advisory team for school improvement. The members of our council work diligently to make themselves accessible to the public and serve as a listening ear to comments and suggestions.
Our Recognitions
Arnco-Sargent is a 2006 School of Excellence recipient. In addition, the school has been awarded Georgia Pay for Performance and three outdoor grants by the Georgia Wildlife Federation. These funds have enabled students, parents and teachers to beautify the courtyard area while integrating science objectives through hands-on experiences. An outdoor classroom has been completed through funds from business partners and the Georgia Forestry Commission. In addition to these grants, individual teachers at Arnco-Sargent have received grants (Yamaha) to assist in campus beautification as well as other teachers awarded for classroom excellence (i.e. Atlanta Journal Honor Teachers).

A well-rounded educational program is offered to each student, which is in accordance with local and state curricular guidelines. Teachers and students can rely on media center personnel and resources to support instruction and to provide an inviting place for all to learn. Accelerated Reader, reading incentive programs, book fairs and the National Children’s Book Week are all motivational tools to help to foster a love of reading. Technology is an integral part of the curriculum. Each classroom has at least one computer and the school houses a thirty station computer lab as well as a mobile lab. In all the classrooms, including special education and REACH, the teachers and students have access to Promethian Boards. In addition we have three sets of Active votes for teachers and students to utilize. Arnco-Sargent is completely networked, and students are able to use the Internet after they are trained by our curriculum technology specialist. Many of our teachers have received In Tech training, which is a Georgia initiative to build teacher skills in the area of technology and to enhance outcomes for students in the twenty first century. In the past, we have hosted a Technology Week for our Parents. Parents can come to the computer lab on the day that their child has computer lab. Students show parents the computer programs that they are working on, power points that students have created and the on-line assessment for CRCT.

A strong guidance program supports our students, and its content is based upon a needs assessment completed by the teachers. These needs are addressed through classroom, small group and individual guidance sessions. A student council has been formed which gives students the opportunity to participate in the democratic process and to assume duties and responsibilities throughout the school. Third, fourth and fifth grade students who have leadership potential, exemplary conduct, strong academic performance and effective communication skills are eligible. Our counselor also coordinates the mentor program. In years past our counselor has coordinated such programs as a “Celebrity Reader” program (bringing parents and community members into our school to read to classrooms) and acts as the liaison to our school business partners. Character Education is taught weekly to students with the word of the week
Our Staff
The staff at Arnco-Sargent Elementary strives to meet the needs of all students. This goal is achieved through programs such as Early Intervention, Title I, After School Tutoring, gifted education, and special education (which includes, resource, collaborative, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy). We have two Teaching Assistants assigned to grades 1-5 to help students meet standards. The staff is currently working on demonstrating high expectations for all learners to systematically plan for student differences by monitoring student progress to allow for ongoing differentiation. As well as utilizing a variety of diagnostic and formative assessment tasks and tools to monitor student progress and to adjust instruction in order to maximize student achievement on the Georgia Performance Standards through our faculty meetings and Appraisal groups.

Student learning is not limited to the classrooms. Arnco-Sargent also offers enrichment opportunities for the students. These include our Arnco-Sargent Chorus, Action Team, Academic Bowl, Jr. Beta, 4-H, Spelling Bee, S. A. F. E., drug awareness programs, field trips and a variety of other instructional activities. Our Action Team consists of boys and girls from the third, fourth, and fifth grades. They perform at PTO meetings and assemblies held throughout the school year. The S. A. F. E. (Students Are For Education) program is a Coweta County Sheriff’s Department initiative aimed at teaching fifth graders the consequences of their actions, promoting self-esteem and pledging to stay drug-free. Students in other grade levels are also visited by the S. A. F. E. officer, who is seen as a positive presence in our school.
Our Goals
In addition to our academic programs, our Physical Education Department promotes fitness and active lifestyles for students. One of our programs is the PE Central Challenge. The PE Challenge is designed to encourage students to practice and improve their motor skills and be recognized for their accomplishments. Another program that students can participate in is the PE Fitness Club. The PE Fitness club challenges students to get active by exercising 30 minutes a day by playing on a sports team or exercising. Students keep a log of miles and earn prizes for each 10 miles logged. In the 2008-2009, school year students participated in a coin drive for the Keith Brooking Locker 56 program. This program provides athletic shoes for students that can not afford them. Students at Arnco-Sargent Elementary raised over $2300 for this foundation. In return, Mr. Brooking came and spoke to students about good character.

Our goal is to create a strong relationship between the school and the community and to provide a safe, nurturing atmosphere where successful learning can and does occur. We partner with Georgia Power for the river clean up every year. We participate in programs such as Relay for Life, March of Dimes, United Way, Math-a-thon, and Can-a-thon. Our desire is for students to enjoy learning and to yearn to make learning a lifetime adventure. We are proud of our school and the accomplishments and successes that we see each day. We are committed to continual improvement and anticipate the exciting growth that is sure to come our way.